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it's blue outside

Alexander Ross Arvelo McQuaig
29 October 1984
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I'm a shy fellow who lives in a little room apartment in a huge building called 100 Spadina, at 100 Spadina Rd. with my friend Joel W. Nash, who I've been friends with since grade three. I like to make pictures and songs and go barefoot, but the main thing i do is write songs/poems and make music to go with them, and then make CDs under the name Lanterns and perform sometimes. I go to University of Toronto but I don't like it and wish people cared about stuff more. I like alternative comics a lot, particularly the autobiographical sort. I wish to one day do nothing but make comics and paintings and books and songs.

If you're reading this, you oughta email me because I like errant emails.

Other interests that I have but don't fit in the interests section: referring to young women as "young women" and not "girls," being disrespectful to pop culture, being quiet and polite if i'm amongst loud rude people and being loud and less polite when i'm amongst people who are too quiet and polite, getting weird emails from people, getting weird journal entry comments from people in utah, listening to classical music, days that are rainy and green, dominican spanish, making zines and music, listening to records, hearing people complain about things.
acoustic instruments, adrian orange, autumn, beat happening, big hair, body odour, boycotting wes anderson movies, brown, childish playfulness in adults, chris ware, comics, complaining about stupid things, cycling, dull colours, eschewing alcohol, feminism, godspeed you black emperor, harold & maude, hating cellphones, hating television, hippies (minus the drugs), jeffrey brown, joe matt, little wings, looking at the sky, lying on the ground, messy hair, mountainbiking, mt. eerie, nerdy women, nick drake, not smoking, odd nerdrum, phil elverum, pronouncing it "jay-'zed'", psychogeography, robert crumb, rotate this, sending emails to strangers, shy women, singing about loneliness, sleeping in cozy beds, speaking spanish, static, thanksgiving, the beguiling, the microphones, the unicorns, todd solondz, touching my toes, tranzac, unconventionalness, using public space, waking life, wearing worn socks, wes anderson movies, woelv, women wearing tapered pants, women who like me, women who wear black, women with huge glasses, woody allen movies, zines